3 Down Stars

Silver Falls is a genre crossing horror game franchise on Nintendo consoles. The game series follow the lives of locals who live in Silver Falls, a small town hidden in the mountains which has experienced UFO activity over the years. The stories of the games in the series span across decades, giving players a chance to explore characters at different ages and points in their lives. Games in the Silver Falls series connect to each other with the Code Linker system, unlock content in each game and allowing characters to appear in games they would not normally be featured in. Want to learn more about this mysterious town and its mysterious history? Read on, and welcome to Silver Falls.


Silver Falls – 3 Down Stars

Strange lights have been appearing in the night sky above Silver Falls. When three mysterious objects fall from the sky, this secluded, sleepy town becomes frozen in a moment in time. Strange radiation has turned local wildlife bloodthirsty. Only 3 people in Silver Falls seem to be unaffected. Holt, a composer mourning the death of his grandfather with a fishing trip, Analise, an organizer for the annual Moose Steak Festival, and Moss, the local sheriff investigating reports of strange lights in the sky, must work together to figure out exactly what is going wrong in their town. Why are they being attacked by wildlife? Why has time seem to have stopped? Using their wits and resources scavenged around Silver Falls, these three survivors must discover the mystery behind the three objects and return their town to normal.



Silver Falls – 3 Down Stars aims to bring a horrific thrill to players in the style of classic survival horror games from the 90’s and early 2000’s. Limited ammunition and recovery items make resource management an exciting challenge. Every fight with enemies can be a fatal encounter. Explore and search every corner of Silver Falls to discovery a variety of weapons. Depending on the player’s actions during the storyline of the game, the story will have vastly different outcomes. Locked in a single moment in time, various lives are in direct danger. By finding these endangered lives and finding a way to avoid fatalities, players can move the story forward and unravel the mystery of the 3 crashed objects.


‘Groundhog Day’ Effect

When player controlled characters are defeated by in-game enemies, the player is sent back to the beginning of the storyline of the game. However, major objectives that have been accomplished will not be reset and the items owned by the player will be maintained. The player can use this mechanic to affect the outcome of the storyline. In the context of the storyline of the game, the characters are aware of this phenomenon, relying on this mechanic to progress the story. This ‘cause and effect’ mechanism is directly tied to the problem solving and puzzles of the game.


Explore Silver Falls

The town of Silver Falls is yours to explore. Search out hidden nooks and crevices around this secluded mountain town for weapons, survival supplies, and clues as to why everyone else in town is frozen in time. Silver Falls – 3 Down Stars features open world exploration with sprawling environments rich with details of the town’s mysterious history.


Investigate The Mystery

Reports of strange lights in the night sky have become more and more frequent. What are they? What do they mean? It’s up to you to explore the town of Silver Falls to find clues and draw your own conclusions.


Frontier Fighters Game Mode

Silver Falls offers a suspenseful, tensely paced Storyline Campaign for players looking for a classic, survival horror challenge.  When players want to flex some muscle, the Frontier Fighters game mode features RPG style loot collecting, levelling up, skill customization, and weapon upgrading. This game mode allows the player to play short missions of varying difficulty. These action focused missions let players enjoy short bursts of action for gaming on the go. With a variety of playable characters to unlock, each with unique strengths and skills, players will find hours of thrilling action fighting back waves of enemies, unlocking more missions, earning unique, legendary weapons, and powering up characters in Frontier Fighters.


Weapon Customization

In Frontier Fighters, players earn weapons with game-changing abilities. Weapons can be further upgraded to boost individual parameters. Some weapons obtained as reward loot will spawn with a special stat which gives a permanent boost to one of that weapon’s parameters.


Silver Falls Code Linker Content

Code Link with other Silver Falls Titles

Silver Falls – 3 Down Stars is the first game in the Silver Falls game series. As new games are added to the series, new stories, events, and characters can be explored. As is natural when telling new stories, characters from 3 Down Stars may not fit into the events of future games, and thus, may end up left behind in a gameplay standpoint.  However, with the Code Link system, players will be able to connect different Silver Falls titles together. By doing this, players can unlock characters and content in each game, and even bring playable characters from older games into the newer games in the series. Linking games together will also allow players to see more characters interact, revealing more information about the world and lore of Silver Falls. Upcoming Silver Falls games in the series, including free apps, will add new content to 3 Down Stars when they launch, and 3 Down Stars will unlock exclusive content in future titles in the series.