Silver Falls Frontier Fighters Mini

Silver Falls Frontier Fighters Mini

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This FREE Windows game can be played on Homebrew enabled consoles such as Anbernic Handhelds, Android, 3DS, Vita, and Switch! Visit for information about the emulator for YOUR console! Download the game from our page and find all the files you need to run the game on your device. Just copy and paste the right folders and you’re good to go.

Silver Falls Frontier Fighters Mini

Relive some of the most memorable scenes of 3 Down Stars on *New Nintendo 3DS.


Silver Falls Frontier Fighters Mini

In Frontier Fighters Mini, build your ideal team of four members and take on waves of enemies ins strategic battle!


Silver Falls Frontier Fighters Mini

Revisit familiar Silver Falls locations in Super Definition 16-Bit style!

This is public beta version 0.5. The game is fully playable, but if you find any visual or logical glitches, you can share your feedback with us. If you’d like to share your feedback regarding balancing for future updates, feel free to message us on Facebook or Twitter.


To enjoy the full experience, you can enjoy the game by playing on Windows. When playing the game on 3DS, Vita, Android, or other platforms using the EasyRPG emulator, players may experience certain graphical exclusions. For example, character weapon animations will not appear during battle when using EasyRPG. On 3DS, there is a loading time for a few seconds every time new music is loaded into the game. Not to worry! The game is still 100% enjoyable from start to finish.

Download the game for free and play!

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Sungrand and Silver Falls DO NOT support video game piracy via Homebrew.