Silver Falls Gaiden Deathly Delusion Destroyers


The next game in the Silver Falls horror game series will soon launch on Nintendo 3DS.

Silver Falls Gaiden Deathly Delusion Destroyers Two weeks after 3 Down Stars, Gus Ironcock, the town’s resident blacksmith, arrives home to find his husband missing. After receiving a mysterious message with GPS coordinates, Gus teams up locals in Siver Falls and sets out into the wilderness.


Gaiden Deathly Delusion Destroyers offers RPG-style team building and menu driven battles, unique and different from Silver Falls Gaiden on the Wii U.


Gaiden Deathly Delusion Destroyers includes a cancelled, unannounced game, originally developed for Nintendo 3DS. Due to substantial requests from Silver Falls fans, Ruby River will be included in this special, 2 in 1 game at no extra cost! No extra purchases are necessary to play Ruby Ruby.


Ruby River gives players a chance to explore a massive, open-world environment. Starting with just a camp hatchet, players can gather materials like wood and stone to build custom structures. Fortify a campsite and prepare for the terrifying night, when monsters crawl out of the shadows in search of food!



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