Silver Falls – Guardians And Metal Exterminators


A mission based Action RPG for New Nintendo 3DS.

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In the 1980s, the sky was colored by neon lights and the air smelled like hairspray. A hardworking ranch hand, Oxa Boscova, and a daydreaming carpenter, Gold Prospector, meet up for a blind date. Things seem fine until Oxa sees a distant explosion on the ranch where she works. When Oxa runs toward a bright light in the sky, Gold follows close behind. This ordinary date is about to become a terrifying fight for survival!




The next heart-stopping chapter in the story of Silver Falls introduces new gameplay elements never before seen in the series! Play as a variety of unique, quirky characters from across the Silver Falls series. Take on a variety of missions with a range of challenges to earn powerful weapons and skills. Customize your weapons, power up your characters, and chill to the vibe of totally sick 80s beats.



Extra game modes allow players to experience the thrilling, knuckle-busting action of Liquid Crystal Display intensity! In these exclusive LCD modes, play as Oxa and use her unbreakable Cryo Shield to deflect attacks and defeat enemies. OR, play as Gold and use his unstoppable Electro Blaster to pierce the hearts of your foes while taking evasive actions.



Unlock horrendous creatures as playable characters! Power up, customize, and slash your way through missions with a unique set of monstrous abilities and skills!


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