Known Unexpected Outcomes

Silver Falls – 3 Down Stars v1.0

Description Workaround Fixed
Players can get stuck when climbing crates at certain angles near the corner of the crate. Climb the crates facing the center of the crate at a head-on angle. v1.1 Upcoming
Certain tasks in Analise’s objectives are unclear and vague when it comes to where to use the Rusty Key with “HG” written on it, and where to use the item retrieved from a toolbox on a boat. Use the Rusty Key found by the power transformer on the red tool box in town by the bar with the save point. Take the item found in the toolbox and show it to the man on the Fishing Boat on the water. v1.1 Upcoming
After finishing Analise’s objectives and the player resumes control of Moss, a scene occurs which gets stuck in a loop and repeats. As soon as the scene ends, quickly run away and enter the fairground. v1.1 Upcoming
When playing as Moss, upon meeting the Mechanic at the Lumber Yard, a scene occurs which repeats endlessly. None v1.1 Upcoming
Pressing L, R, and X while pausing the game will return the player to the title screen. However, sometimes resuming play after doing this will cause the game to crash. None v1.1 Upcoming
Entering certain areas in Story Mode causes the game to crash intermittently. None v1.1 Upcoming
The camera can behave unfavourably  during combat in tight areas. None v1.1 Upcoming
In Frontier Fighters, Mission Normal 1, the enemies fall through the terrain, preventing the player from being able to defeat them. This makes it difficult to earn Stars to progress. Break the Medallion targets to earn 2 stars and proceed to the next stage. v1.1 Upcoming
Finishing Zero Chapter causes the player’s Save Point data to get overwritten with Zero Chapter data, causing a glitch which forces the current played character to appear in Zero Chapter Play and finish Zero Chapter before starting New Game on Story Mode v1.1 Upcoming
In Frontier Fighters Mission Easy 1 and 2, certain Medallions are impossible to hit with firearms. Use a very big melee weapon to break the Medallion. v1.1 Upcoming
Progression through Frontier Fighters game mode increases the enemies’ power levels. These levels can result in enemies dealing unfair amounts of damage. None v1.1 Upcoming
In Frontier Fighters, Mission Easy 4, the player can be stuck behind an invisible wall, preventing the player from finishing the mission. Play Story Mode until Holt reaches the Gas Station. Enter the Gas Station building and watch the scene. After the scene finishes, save the game at the Save Point. v1.2 Upcoming
The camera can be too close to the player during combat while fighting enemies, making some enemies difficult to see. None v1.2 Upcoming
When redeeming a code using Code Linker to connect to another Silver Falls Game, pressing B to close the success message causes the menu navigation indicator to become invisible, making it difficult to navigate the menu. Don’t press B after confirming a Link Code. Press A instead. v1.2 Upcoming
When using the Skill, “Rush Attack”, melee weapons which have a long start up time may not benefit from the attack power boost. Use smaller melee weapons with faster start up time or upgrade the slow weapon’s Fire Rate. v1.2 Upcoming