Known Unexpected Outcomes Gaiden DDD RR

Silver Falls – Ruby River v1.0

Description Workaround Fixed
Save File 2 and 3 do not load data correctly. Any gameplay saved while using File 2 and 3 will not be loaded upon next play session. v1.1 Upcoming
The inventory button appears in the “Cave” area. Pressing the Inventory button repeatedly will cause the game to crash. Do not press the inventory button when in the “Cave” area. v1.1 Upcoming
On *New 3DS, C-Stick may potentially not control the camera view in some cases. At the title screen, select “Options”. On the option labelled “Use A, B, X, Y for Camera Control” set to “Yes”. v1.1 Upcoming
Material cost for some buildable items is incorrect v1.1 Upcoming


Silver Falls – Gaiden Deathly Delusion Destroyers v1.0

Description Workaround Fixed
Equipping some skills may prevent other skills from activating v1.1 Upcoming
Elemental abilities that are supposed to lower enemy elemental resistance actually increase elemental resistance v1.1 Upcoming
Some abilities that activate upon being defeated do not always activate correctly v1.1 Upcoming