Galaxy Bound Curse

Silver Falls - Galaxy Bound Curse
Silver Falls – Galaxy Bound Curse is now available to play! Download the ROM file for free and play the game on any hardware or software that can play *.GB games!

Click HERE to download!



  • Recruit Dog, Horse, Rabbit, and Duck
  • Talk to Million to upgrade Weapons
  • Talk to Debowrah to sell Weapons
  • Talk to Patriona to Upgrade Clothes
  • Fixed various weapon and environmental glitches
  • More characters, store, dialogue, and lore
  • MORE weapons and items to find!

Previous Save Files will cause glitches. Please start a New Game.

What’s in this version of the game?

This is beta version v0.6. This means, while the game can be played entirely from start to finish, some features may not be fully implemented in the game. There may be some glitches that may affect the overall gameplay. There will be a few features missing and some funny glitches, and that’s where YOU come in! You can help us improve the upcoming versions of the game by sharing your glitch reports and feedback with us via DM’s on Twitter or Facebook. We’ll update the game regularly so stay tuned for new versions!

Upcoming Features:

  • Update enemy placement and balancing
  • Upgrade Weapon Level by using materials
  • Upgrade Clothes by using materials
  • Upgrade Shoes by using materials
  • Upgrade Glove by using materials
  • Implement Code Linker to connect to other Silver Falls games
  • Expanded character dialogue and story
  • Adjust item pick up placement, enemy drop rate