Silver Falls – Undertakers


The next game in the Silver Falls horror game series has launched exclusively on Nintendo 3DS eShop!

With a story set decades before 3 Down Stars, the first game in the Silver Falls series, Undertakers follows Bull Brandish, a boy camping on his grandfather’s property, when a bright flash appears in the night sky. Towering, bloodthirsty creatures come crawling out of the forest, dragging people to a dark, claustrophobic death.



With 2 unique game modes, Undertakers offers players a variety of ways to enjoy this new, exclusive handheld horror adventure.


GAME A delivers on a promise of a genuinely retro experience. Players will be time travel teleported to an era of sitting on the floor, huddled close to their CRT Television with no sounds other than crickets chirping outside and the crunching of electronic beeps and boops powered by the Atari 2600. Inspired by gaming in the 70’s and 80’s, Undertakers GAME A offers a true retro experience. Gone are the Save Points, Hand Holding, and Magic Maps of modern day. The only weapon you have are your wits, guts, and ability to remember where key items and enemies are, and how to save people who have been taken by the Undertakers! Are you tough enough to take on this terrifying challenge!?



GAME B offers players fast paced action with short, enemy-wave based missions. Players looking for modern, frantic gameplay can strike back against the Undertakers! Use a variety of weapons to deal with an onslaught of vicious monsters. Use campfires to your advantage. Set weapons on fire to deal intense damage! But watch out! Giant Undertakers will climb up from the bottom of the touch screen. Use the touch screen to stop the Giant Undertakers from climbing up the touch screen, or you’ll have a massive threat to deal with!



Unlock new playable characters by exploring GAME A and connecting to other games in the Silver Falls series with the built-in Code Linker system.

After fighting to survive the Undertakers, connect to 3 Down Stars, exclusive to New Nintendo 3DS, and join Bull Brandish 40 years later as his story continues! Bull Brandish will become a new playable character in 3 Down Stars’ exclusive Frontier Fighters game mode.




Check out the official World Map to help you navigate the dangerous world of Undertakers!


Follow Silver Falls on Facebook and Twitter for tips, tricks, and updates. Undertakers will see future updates to receive more Code Linker. This will add new exclusive content when connecting to upcoming Silver Falls games!

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