Silver Falls – White Inside Its Umbra


The next game in the Silver Falls horror game series will soon launch on Nintendo Wii U.

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Six months before 3 Down Stars, a man goes missing while camping in the mounts of Silver Falls. Bjorna Hancock, a part-time waitress and horse trainer sets out to find her cousin, the man who has mysteriously disappeared. What horrible secrets will she find in the shadows of Silver Falls?



With 2 unique game modes, White Inside Its Umbra offers players a chance to enjoy different control schemes and gameplay styles.


Story Mode offers a tense, white knuckled, horror fueled adventure. Players must stumble their way through the dark, using the Wii U GamePad as a smart device known as a TechPad, and a Wii Remote as a flashlight. The TechPad possesses a number of useful applications which will help players safely navigate the dangerous forests of Silver Falls.



Frontier Hunters allows up to five players to team up with up to battle hordes of terrifying creatures. Four players use Wii Remotes to shoot weapons, while one player can use the GamePad to reload weapons for the other players and use a range of support items. Defeat enemies to gain Experience Points, Moose Tokens, and earn new weapons!



Unlock new playable characters for use in Frontier Hunters by connecting to other games in the Silver Falls series with the built-in Code Linker system. Upcoming updates to 3 Down Stars and Undertakers will bring in improvements, as well as new content to be unlocked when connecting to White Inside Its Umbra.


Follow Silver Falls on Facebook and Twitter for tips, tricks, and updates. White Inside Its Umbra will see future updates to receive more Code Linker. This will add new exclusive content when connecting to upcoming Silver Falls games!